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  22 Nov 19 11:29 AM
Company Name From Date To Date Purpose
   Rainbow Denim   23-Dec-19 30-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Gujarat Borosil   20-Dec-19 26-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Indsil Hydro Power   20-Dec-19 26-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Borosil Glass Works   20-Dec-19 26-Dec-19   Rs.0.6500 per share(65%)Dividend & A.G.M. 
   Nagarjuna Fertilizer   17-Dec-19 24-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Visa Steel   16-Dec-19 23-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Gammon India   07-Dec-19 14-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Atlas Cycle(Haryana)   07-Dec-19 13-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Midvalley Entertain   06-Dec-19 12-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Sowbhagya Exports   06-Dec-19 14-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Archana Software   06-Dec-19 12-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Gammon India   06-Dec-19 13-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Manugraph India   06-Dec-19 12-Dec-19   A.G.M. & Rs.0.5000 per share(25%)Dividend 
   3I Infotech   05-Dec-19 12-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Jagson Airlines   05-Dec-19 07-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
   Univastu India   03-Dec-19 10-Dec-19  Univastu India Limited has informed the Exchange that the register of members and share transfer books of the Company will remain closed from December 3, 2019 to December 10, 2019 ( both days inclusive) for the purpose of Extra Ordinary General Meeting to be held on December 10, 2019. 
   Nandan Auto Tech   03-Dec-19 10-Dec-19   E.G.M. 
   FAZE Three Autofab   01-Dec-19 07-Dec-19   E.G.M. 
   BF Utilities   30-Nov-19 30-Nov-19   A.G.M. 
   Combat Drugs   30-Nov-19 09-Dec-19   A.G.M. 
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